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Upcoming Concerts

Vocal Music Concerts:Ms. Rose will be directing the vocal music concerts on ­­­­­­Thursday,  May 29.  All third through fifth graders will perform at 9:00.  The kindergarten through second grade classes will begin at 10:15.  In the evening, all students who are available to sing are invited to come back to school.  Grades K-2 will sing at 6:30, and grades 3-5 will sing at 7:15.

Instrumental Music Concerts: The third through fifth grade instrumental music students will dazzle us with their talent on Monday, June 2 at 1:30pm.  All families are invited to join them in the MPR.

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Summer Meals

The State of California has information about summer meals for schoolchildren.  For details, go to

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Clarifying After School

Hi Everybody,

I want to clarify the after school playground policy.  We encourage parents and caregivers to supervise their children after school on the playground during the week, and the playgrounds are open to the public after 6 pm every day and all day on the weekends.  However, unsupervised students should not be on the playground while AT is open.  The staff there cannot look after other kids, and we want to maintain the safety of the kids who are enrolled in AT.

Thank you for your understanding.


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Newsletter for Kindergarten Families

Welcome Kindergarten Families!
I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready for a fabulous new year.  Sending your child to kindergarten is a big milestone for both children and their parents.  Our teachers and PTA have made plans to make this transition as smooth as possible.
Bring your child to the Multi-Purpose Room on Monday, August 26 at 9:00 AM.  The teachers and I will be there ready to greet you. After a few moments, I will introduce each teacher, who will hold up a sign so everybody can easily see her.  You and your child will follow the teacher into the classroom so the grownups can see the classroom and say goodbye.  At that time, if your child will be leaving with somebody other than you or the Adventure Time teacher, please tell the teacher who that will be.  (Writing a note or an email would also be helpful). As soon as the teacher gives you the signal, please join other kindergarten parents, your PTA hosts and me in the library for coffee and conversation.  Although you might find yourself magnetically drawn back to the classroom, please do not go back inside that day.
Your child will be released at 1:30 PM.  If you are picking him/her up yourself, please meet the class on the playground. Your child’s teacher will match each student with the appropriate adult (you, the designee you mentioned at the beginning of school, or the Adventure Time staff member).  If you are unexpectedly delayed and will not be able to pick up your child on time, please call the school office at 451-5900 to let us know.
Beginning the second day of school, teachers will escort their students to the classrooms at 8:35.  It is a good idea to be here around 8:25 so that your child has an opportunity to play a little and enjoy free time with friends.  Students will continue to be released at 1:30 PM through Friday, September 6.  After that date, they will be dismissed at 2:45.
Teachers will organize snacks for the first week of school.  After that, the room parent will create a schedule indicating who brings snacks for a week for each class.  The teachers ask that you send your child with a lunch for the first few weeks (in a labeled lunch box).  Later, if you want to purchase lunch for your child, the cost will be $2.25.  Milk is available for $.40.
Please do not go directly to your child’s classroom.  Always stop in the office where the administrative assistant, Ms. Vicky, will help you and your child.
The kindergarten teachers posted a very detailed kindergarten handbook on the Crocker Highlands website.  We recommend that you read it before asking questions, as most of what you want to know is probably in there. You may also access it by using this link:
Tomorrow, August 24th from 11-1, families will be here to meet and enjoy each other’s company.  Refer to the school’s website for more information:
Enjoy the last few days of summer, and we’ll see you Monday at 9:00 AM!
-Joci Kelleher (Principal) and the Kindergarten Team: Ms. Henry, Ms. Shannon, Ms. C. and Ms. Foster

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Holiday Break ideas

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The importance of teaching…,0,6590555.story

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Math Game Night

Loved Math Night tonight! We had a lot of mathematicians who played games like dominoes, Tower of Hanoi, Mancala and more! It was a great community event.

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Crocker Boundary Discussion

As some of you know, there has been a lot of conversation, and action, regarding the boundaries for Crocker Highlands Elementary. I want to clarify some things and to make sure you all understand my position in the discussions.

The most important thing for you to know is that if you are a Crocker family, you are part of the family. I don’t like to use the phrase, “I don’t care..” in regard to anything, but I don’t care where families live. Your kids are our kids. If you are one of the families here, you are part of the community.

When OUSD decided to move the boundaries last year, it raised a lot of concern. My concern was – how big do they want Crocker to be (# of kids)? We have only so many classrooms, and so much space in the MPR and on the playground, and of course, only so much parking! When families on the school tours tell me how much they want to come to Crocker, I want to welcome them in, all of them. Now, I am not sure of what a child’s chances are to get into Crocker. My nature is to make everyone happy and if I can’t, I feel like I’m not doing my job. (That’s a whole different conversation.) Some people may be unhappy next year. I was glad that we were able to add a 4th kindergarten class (decided in April 2012) and welcome a new group of wonderful families into the Crocker community. We were very fortunate with our new staff who joined us, and we are off to a great school year. We can handle 17 classrooms, it’s working just fine. I don’t know how much bigger we can grow.

Last summer, a group of parents got together after the large meeting in the MPR with District Leadership (I’m periodically reminded that I’m district leadership, too) and formed the CLRP, Crocker Long-Range Planning Committee. They continued to meet with District Leadership, and I participated in several of those meetings, to discuss what is going to happen with Crocker regarding the expanded boundaries. Their push was to ask the School Board to re-evaluate their decision about the boundaries and to do more research regarding the number of school-age children in the revised Crocker boundaries. ( I don’t like the term “new boundaries” or “old boundaries.”) I feel that their request was a fair one and I support this deeper look into how many kids are going to be in the Crocker boundary and the question, can we take them all? When I asked one of the committee members, “What if we discover we can hold all the children in the revised boundaries?” The response was, “Then we’re done.” I have spoken to all the CLPC participants and believe their intent is a good one – it’s not to exclude, it’s to make sure we have the capacity to serve all the children who are assigned here.

At the Board Meeting this week, many Crocker parents spoke on behalf of this request to the District. The Board agreed (voted) for OUSD to look into the issue of school boundaries and the possible over-enrollment of Crocker Highlands, and to make some recommendations for the future boundaries. OUSD is already on board and is working on this information. I do not know if there will be changes or if they are, what they will look like. A better informed decision, either way, is the way to go.

I do not want this issue to divide our community. I am hoping this email helps to reassure you that the boundary discussions are not meant to make families feel unwelcome. It’s about Crocker’s capacity.

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Minimum Day on Friday, 9/28

Don’t forget! And we also have Picture Day next week, 10/2.

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Thanks to the Volunteers

I want to thank all the volunteers who came out Saturday to help get the school ready for our children! The courtyard and the front yard were pruned and cleaned up. Work was done inside the school, too. Thank you!

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