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Soccer Balls Donated to Crocker by a Bay Oaks Team

Thank you to the girls from the Bay Oaks 2013-14 Blue Bombers team for donating ten high-tech soccer balls that are “nearly indestructible.” They almost never get flat and don’t require pumping. Through their campaign, hosted by One World Futbol’s project called “Buy One Give One,” they raised enough money to donate more than 150 of these soccer balls to a number of Oakland schools.

“We play on fields in Oakland and Alameda County with our Bay Oaks’ team! Since a lot of the Oakland Schools lost their sports programs and equipment, we wanted to give back to the community where we play and make sure every kid gets a chance to play just like we do!” — Ke’ale, Maile and Makana Young, members of the Bay Oaks Blue Bombers team.
We appreciate their thoughtfulness in including us in their project.

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