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We Welcome Coach T.

Thanks to your generous fundraising, we are able to continue working with Hero Inc. this year.  Starting Monday, Coach T. will join the team.  He has experience working with children through Oakland Parks and Rec in both afterschool and summer programs.  He is very happy to be here, and I am sure the kids will just love him.

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Newsletter for Kindergarten Families

Welcome Kindergarten Families!
I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready for a fabulous new year.  Sending your child to kindergarten is a big milestone for both children and their parents.  Our teachers and PTA have made plans to make this transition as smooth as possible.
Bring your child to the Multi-Purpose Room on Monday, August 26 at 9:00 AM.  The teachers and I will be there ready to greet you. After a few moments, I will introduce each teacher, who will hold up a sign so everybody can easily see her.  You and your child will follow the teacher into the classroom so the grownups can see the classroom and say goodbye.  At that time, if your child will be leaving with somebody other than you or the Adventure Time teacher, please tell the teacher who that will be.  (Writing a note or an email would also be helpful). As soon as the teacher gives you the signal, please join other kindergarten parents, your PTA hosts and me in the library for coffee and conversation.  Although you might find yourself magnetically drawn back to the classroom, please do not go back inside that day.
Your child will be released at 1:30 PM.  If you are picking him/her up yourself, please meet the class on the playground. Your child’s teacher will match each student with the appropriate adult (you, the designee you mentioned at the beginning of school, or the Adventure Time staff member).  If you are unexpectedly delayed and will not be able to pick up your child on time, please call the school office at 451-5900 to let us know.
Beginning the second day of school, teachers will escort their students to the classrooms at 8:35.  It is a good idea to be here around 8:25 so that your child has an opportunity to play a little and enjoy free time with friends.  Students will continue to be released at 1:30 PM through Friday, September 6.  After that date, they will be dismissed at 2:45.
Teachers will organize snacks for the first week of school.  After that, the room parent will create a schedule indicating who brings snacks for a week for each class.  The teachers ask that you send your child with a lunch for the first few weeks (in a labeled lunch box).  Later, if you want to purchase lunch for your child, the cost will be $2.25.  Milk is available for $.40.
Please do not go directly to your child’s classroom.  Always stop in the office where the administrative assistant, Ms. Vicky, will help you and your child.
The kindergarten teachers posted a very detailed kindergarten handbook on the Crocker Highlands website.  We recommend that you read it before asking questions, as most of what you want to know is probably in there. You may also access it by using this link:
Tomorrow, August 24th from 11-1, families will be here to meet and enjoy each other’s company.  Refer to the school’s website for more information:
Enjoy the last few days of summer, and we’ll see you Monday at 9:00 AM!
-Joci Kelleher (Principal) and the Kindergarten Team: Ms. Henry, Ms. Shannon, Ms. C. and Ms. Foster

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Newsletter for Parents of First Through Fifth Graders

Welcome back to school, everyone!  Following is some information you might want to have before the first day.

I want to make sure everybody is aware of the schedule for the first three days this year.  Teachers will meet their classes at 8:40 on the playground and will bring them into their rooms as a group.  We encourage students to arrive 5-10 minutes early, so they have time to play and catch up with their friends. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, first through third grade students will be dismissed at 1:40, and the fourth and fifth graders will be dismissed at 1:45.  Beginning Thursday, August 29, students will be dismissed at 3:00 (grades 1-3) or 3:02 (grades 4-5).
FOOD: Students are encouraged to bring a morning recess snack and their lunches to school in clearly labeled lunchboxes or lunch bags.  There is no place for them to heat up their food, so please plan meals with that in mind.  We also do not have utensils available for kids to use.  Should your child wish to buy lunch here, the cost will again be $2.25 for lunch, and $.40 for milk.  Exact change is really appreciated.
Please do not go directly to your child’s classroom.  Always stop in the office where the administrative assistant, Ms. Vicky, will help you and your child.
Tomorrow, August 24th from 11-1, families will be here to meet and enjoy each other’s company.  Refer to the school’s website for more information:
Enjoy the last few days of summer, and we’ll see you Monday at 8:40 AM!
Joci Kelleher, Principal

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No Combination Classes for 2013-2014

There will be no combination classes this year at Crocker Highlands.  This is quite unusual in the OUSD, as the numbers of students at each grade level do not always make this possible.  We are fortunate to be able to continue with single grade level classes this year.

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New 4th Grade Teacher

Our new 4th grade teacher is Ms. Melanie Schane.  She comes to us with many years of teaching experience, and she is thrilled to be here.  Look for her bio on the website soon!

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Staff Changes for 2013/14 School Year

Staff Changes for 2013/14 School Year

Hello Crocker Community, I want to update you on some staffing changes at our school. Ms. Nica Uk has resigned her position in Oakland to work in Berkeley, so that she will be closer to where her own children attend school. Ms. Ashley Foster, formerly a fourth grade teacher, is excited to be taking her place on the kindergarten team.

Two teachers and I interviewed candidates for the vacant fourth grade position, and we unanimously agreed on offering the job to a wonderful, energetic and creative woman with many years of classroom experience, most recently as a fourth grade teacher. She accepted the offer and is currently going through the OUSD Human Resources process. As soon as all paperwork has been approved, I will announce her name.

In addition, we have a new administrative assistant in the front office, Ms. Victoria Sanders. She comes to us with 28 years of service to Oakland public schools, many of them as an administrative assistant. Ms. Sanders is very excited to be joining the Crocker Highlands community.

Please join me in welcoming these new staff members when you have a chance, and enjoy your last week of summer!

Joci Kelleher

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A message from Joci Kelleher, Interim Principal

Dear Crocker Highlands Community,

I am thrilled to be joining you all at Crocker Highlands!  Many of my friends have kids who attended the school, and I have only heard wonderful things about the community.  I feel so fortunate to be here.

Although I was raised outside of Los Angeles, the East Bay has been my home for almost 30 years.  After getting my B.A. in Psychology and Multiple Subjects (Elementary) Teaching Credential at Cal, I began my 24-year career in education teaching almost everything between first and eighth grades. For the past 17 years, I have been a sixth and seventh grade core teacher just up the street from you at Piedmont Middle School. Last June, I completed my Master’s in Educational Leadership, and now I am fortunate enough to become your principal.

I hope to meet many of you, kids and adults, at the gathering Sondra Aguilera is hosting in the multi-purpose room at Crocker Highlands on August 19 at 6:00.  If we don’t get a chance on that day, then I will look forward to getting to know you in the very near future.

– Joci Kelleher

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