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Tragedy in Connecticut

Dear Crocker Community,

Many of you might have heard by now about the horrible tragedy in Connecticut in an elementary school.  Honestly, I want to get through the school day with our wonderful children before I find out the details.  (I need to be home to hear and handle it.)  But I am sure many of you are hearing the stories and it’s natural to make connections to our personal lives.

I will be meeting with the teachers and staff to find out what more we can do to make our school secure.  No one plans for something like this to happen but we need to make sure we are safe.  It makes everyone think a little more deeply about what we are doing here at Crocker.   I am glad that we have done a lockdown drill and we will certainly do more this school year.  I’m glad I’ve been nagging everyone to check in at the office and will continue to do so.  I am also asking that all drop-offs (lunches, backpacks, instruments, library books) come to the office and not to the classroom.  No more pop-ins to classrooms.  I was going to put something in the bulletin about this for next week anyway, but it’s appropriate to bring this up now.

It’s very important to not scare our children, so please use your best judgment if you have conversations with them.  Some families may choose to talk about it, and some may not.  Often the kids come to school and want to share.  If you do talk with your children about this, remind them that it may need to be a conversation that stays at home.

I want everyone to be careful not to overreact about Crocker’s security – it’s a balance of creating a welcoming but safe school.  There are things that we can do to be a little more secure.  I was already considering some changes (locking more doors, push gates on the playground) but now there is a stronger sense of urgency.

I’ll let you know if there are any updates or information to share with you all. If I hear of something we can do to help the families, I will let you know.

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