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Report Cards

It’s that time of year – Report Cards! 

The first trimester of school ended on Friday, December 7th.  Report cards are going home today, Friday, December 14.
It is a standards-based report card, meaning that it measures whether or not a student has met the standards for their grade level.  Using a five-point scale, the following marks will be used for all the ELA and Math strands:
5 – Advanced Grade Level Performance (working above grade level expectations)
4 – Proficient Grade Level Performance (on track to meet grade level expectations)
3 – Approaching Grade Level Performance (developing towards grade level expectation)
2 – Below Grade Level Performance  (making progress but many areas of concern)
1 – Far Below Grade Level Performance (experiencing difficulty completing grade level work)
Marks for Growth in Meeting Standards/Expectations:
+   Above Standards/Expectations
/   Meets Standards/Expectations
–   Below Standards/Expectations (developing/area of concern)
The performance level tells parents how their child performed when compared to the standard and how close your child is toward mastering the standard. In order for a child to be Meeting a standard (level 4), he/she must demonstrate proficiency on all indicators listed for that reporting period. To achieve Advanced (level 5) a child must be working above or showing a depth of understanding beyond the grade level standards. The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 performance numbers are not a match with traditional A, B, C grading.  
Please consider report cards a snapshot of your child’s progress, not a report of his/her successes and failures.  Our vision is for all students to grow academically, and we want to encourage the hard work and effort that goes into continuing that growth.  We want them all to see themselves as learners.

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