School Boundaries and Enrollment Update

Dear Crocker Families,

I believe there are a lot of questions floating around regarding how the boundaries have affected enrollment for next year.  I am writing this week to share what I know with everyone and hopefully put some of the concerns to rest.

The boundaries for our school have been expanded.  I posted the information prior to the expansion at school, as well as shared it in the November 2011 newsletter, in an effort to make the proposals public.  I’m not sure anyone knew just how much it would affect our school.  For the first time, not every incoming neighborhood kindergarten family was assigned to Crocker for the upcoming school year.  That has been disappointing, to say the least, to many of the families.  I am discussing how to best remedy the situation with district leadership.  One possibility is to add one kindergarten class for the 2012-2013 school year.  This is not something we could do every year.  There is some conversation regarding readjusting the boundaries, but nothing is yet confirmed.

If we were to add another kindergarten class, there will have to be some adjustments to schedules, but we can accommodate the changes.  There are class size limits negotiated by the teachers’ union, so classes won’t grow too big! I heard one rumor of 30 kids in each kindergarten class; this is highly unlikely.   We are hoping to make the final decision about the 4th kindergarten class in April.  The tricky thing about enrollment is how things can change, especially over summer.  This is why we sent home a note a while back asking you if you were planning on your child returning to Crocker Highlands in 2012-2013.  I understand that plans change, but it gives us a good idea of enrollment numbers.

Many assume that our enrollment jumped because of students coming from the closed schools.  Actually, we have a very small group coming from Lakeview, only 6-7 students.  The growth is attributed to the boundary changes.  The boundaries for Piedmont Avenue, Crocker Highlands, Cleveland, and Lincoln Elementary School all expanded.  I want to ask that when our families come from the closed schools, we make a special effort to welcome them into our school community.

I hope this puts some of your concerns to rest.  I believe the economy is playing a role in why more families are going to public elementary, but I would also like to think that more people want to come to Crocker because we are offering a wonderful educational experience here and our community is becoming stronger.

Beth Rhine

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