Upcoming Concerts

Vocal Music Concerts:Ms. Rose will be directing the vocal music concerts on ­­­­­­Thursday,  May 29.  All third through fifth graders will perform at 9:00.  The kindergarten through second grade classes will begin at 10:15.  In the evening, all students who are available to sing are invited to come back to school.  Grades K-2 will sing at 6:30, and grades 3-5 will sing at 7:15.

Instrumental Music Concerts: The third through fifth grade instrumental music students will dazzle us with their talent on Monday, June 2 at 1:30pm.  All families are invited to join them in the MPR.

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Summer Meals

The State of California has information about summer meals for schoolchildren.  For details, go to http://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/sh/sn/sfs201301.asp.

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Recess and Hot Weather Rules

It’s hot and sunny out there, so kids need sunscreen and plenty of fluids.  Please follow these rules as you prepare your children for the school day:
1) Apply sunscreen before coming to school.
2) Do not send spray sunscreen to school; if your child needs to reapply sunscreen during the day, please send lotion.  The spray can easily get into kids’ eyes.
3) Do not bring water guns, spray bottles or spray fans to school.
4) Bring a labeled water bottle to school to keep hydrated throughout the day.
5) Do not bring your own sports equipment out at recess.  We have plenty for everyone.
6) Closed shoes are best for recess, p.e. and p.a., but if your child is wearing sandals, make sure they stay securely on their feet when they run.
Thank you!

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Soccer Balls Donated to Crocker by a Bay Oaks Team

Thank you to the girls from the Bay Oaks 2013-14 Blue Bombers team for donating ten high-tech soccer balls that are “nearly indestructible.” They almost never get flat and don’t require pumping. Through their campaign, hosted by One World Futbol’s project called “Buy One Give One,” they raised enough money to donate more than 150 of these soccer balls to a number of Oakland schools.

“We play on fields in Oakland and Alameda County with our Bay Oaks’ team! Since a lot of the Oakland Schools lost their sports programs and equipment, we wanted to give back to the community where we play and make sure every kid gets a chance to play just like we do!” — Ke’ale, Maile and Makana Young, members of the Bay Oaks Blue Bombers team.
We appreciate their thoughtfulness in including us in their project.

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Community Contributions This Week at Crocker

Crocker Highlands Girl Scout Troop 30981 is collecting toiletries for homeless youth in Oakland.  There are currently 1,700 homeless youth, ages 14-23, living on the streets in Alameda County.  Our Junior troop seeks to provide some basic necessities to show the that we care.  Hygiene supplies will be delivered to DreamCatchers Emergency Youth Shelter and/or the East Oakland Community Project.

We are requesting donations of unopened shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, deodorant and soap. Full size or travel size are fine. If you don’t have travel-size toiletries to donate, consider purchasing a couple of extra items when you are shopping and drop them off at school.

This is a very easy way to help disadvantaged young people in our community.  You can drop off your donations in a bin in front of the school office.

The campaign runs through December 20.  Please contact Genice Jacobs at 415-298-0679 or genice@profluence.net with any questions.

Toys for Tots bins are awaiting your donations of new, unopened gifts for kids of all ages (including teens!) They will be here this week only (December 2-6).  Let’s fill them to the top!

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So Much For Which to be Thankful

As we head for a well-deserved week off to celebrate Thanksgiving and recharge our batteries, I want to express my gratitude to the Crocker community for helping to make these first three months of the school year so wonderful.  The kids are learning and growing, the vibe around campus is positive, and I appreciate the warmth so many students, staff, and families bring to school each day.  During our school tours this season, I am so proud to show off the impressive work the kids do here thanks to the efforts of our dedicated teaching staff.

Many thanks to Leonora Willis for spearheading the monumental and hugely successful book fair this week. Already a school filled with readers, having the book fair transform our MPR brought even more excitement for reading. It also inspired me to dress up as the Very Hungry Caterpillar in celebration!  Another huge thank you goes out to Lisa Hobbs for bringing author Jennifer Holm to school for fabulous assemblies and a sold-out book signing!

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Mrs. Kelleher

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Attendance Rules and Picture Day Re-Takes

State law dictates when a child’s absence is considered excused.  The situations include:

1) Illness of student

2) Death in the immediate family (1 excused day if the funeral is in California, and up to 3 days excused if it is outside of California)

3) Family illness

4) Religious holiday

5) Doctor/dentist appointment

6) Five days or more with an independent study contract that is arranged 2 weeks before the anticipated absence

In all other situations, even if a parent contacts the school, the absence is unexcused.  This California policy exists to encourage families to do everything they can to ensure that their children attend school every day.


On Thursday, October 24th, all students who did not get their pictures taken on the first opportunity or families who want their children to get new photos, will be able to do so between 9:00 and 11:00.

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Clarifying After School

Hi Everybody,

I want to clarify the after school playground policy.  We encourage parents and caregivers to supervise their children after school on the playground during the week, and the playgrounds are open to the public after 6 pm every day and all day on the weekends.  However, unsupervised students should not be on the playground while AT is open.  The staff there cannot look after other kids, and we want to maintain the safety of the kids who are enrolled in AT.

Thank you for your understanding.


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September 27 – My share of the bulletin

What a great week!

On Tuesday evening, we had a strong turnout for the Community Gathering.  People enjoyed good company, delicious pizza, chalk drawing on the playground, and an opportunity to share what they love about Crocker.  We also got feedback about potential areas for growth.  In the not-too-distant future, we will find out what you all had to say.  The teachers, School Site Council, and PTA will all look at it as we work together to continuously improve our school.

Friday morning we were treated to concerts by the Pacific Boys’ Choir.  They sang songs that ranged from three to eight part harmony and included lyrics in multiple languages.  The audience got to participate in a song from Africa by clapping out one of two different rhythms while a drummer played a third and the choir sang in four parts.  They ended the show with “Lean on Me,” a song most kids had learned last year with Ms. Rose.

The fifth grade bake sale was a huge success!  Thank you to the very cooperative fifth graders who sold the goods with polite smiles and gracious attitudes, and to the many families who provided and/or purchased the treats.  One hundred percent of the money you raised goes straight to their upcoming Redwood Alliance overnight field trip.

After school safety on the yard is important! Please do not ride scooters, skateboards or bicycles on the playground after school.  Also, you might not realize this but Adventure Time leases the playground space until 6:00 pm every day after school.  This means that other than the supervised basketball and football programs, students may not use the school playground until after 6:00 pm on school days and on weekends unless they are enrolled in Adventure Time.  If you have older children, please let them know that they may not play, ride bikes or climb the fences on the Crocker Highlands yard during that time.  Finally, please remember that dogs and other pets are never allowed on school grounds.

Thank you to the OUSD Buildings and Grounds folks!  This week the padding under the kindergarten play structure was repaired.  In addition, we have a new gate on the Midcrest side of the school next to the amphitheater so that the whole playground can be secured.

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5th Grade Spanish

Time is running out…if you haven’t yet signed up your fifth grader for Spanish, please click on this link right away.  Classes start Monday, September 30!


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